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About Anna

Anna Martynovskaya modern realist Ukrainian artist. She was born into a military family in 1983 and grew up in central Ukraine. From the age of 8, Anna studied academic drawing at the local art school and graduated with honors in 2007 from the State Pedagogical University in Uman obtaining a master's degree. After studying, Anna went on a gap year, moved to Spain and devoted herself to raising three children.

The return to creativity took place in 2019, with the beginning of studies at the Belgian artist Marc Meyer's studio in Javea. Anna paints in series. One of the first works is the "Woman - Goddess", written in the style of mystical realism using mandalas and symbols, in the multilayer technique. In these works the artist explores the place of Women in the energetic connection of the Universe with the planet Earth, as well as the theme of the multiple reincarnations of the Soul in our planet.


It is noteworthy that in all multi-colored works, the artist paints with only three basic colors "The painting of nature over the years has trained my eye to see color nuances. The 3 basic color system makes it easy to pick them up on the palette"


In the series "Spanish Culture" Anna made an experiment with a black background and texture, painting works in relief with a palette knife. In portraits, the artist reflects the inner world of the person. The background is used as a personality enhancement.


In 2022, Anna participated in the prestigious international contest Golden Time Talent, in the that one of her works won first place and two works in second place (in graphics and paint). From September 2022 she participated in a traveling exhibition of Ukrainian artists in the United Kingdom in support of Ukraine. She currently resides in Spain, developing her professional activity and teaching deprived of painting.

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